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Forthcoming Events


Spring Lecture Series- Friday 19th Feb 1930. Zoom link is emailed directly to members.

Mike Arrowsmith:  'The Wemyss Caves in Context – What recent discoveries and rediscoveries can tell us about “Pictish” Fife'

The Wemyss Caves in Fife are home to a unique collection of Pictish, early Christian and other carvings.

The Pictish carvings constitute the earliest style of Pictish art (Class I) and together account for 80% of all

those documented in caves in Scotland.  Recent excavations have shed important new light on the early activity at the caves.  Mike will be sharing the results from the previously unexcavated Court and Doo Caves and new dating evidence from Sliding Cave.


The recent archaeological investigations at the caves are the latest activity in a long tradition of study

dating back to 19th century antiquarians, and Mike will also be reporting on a re-evaluation of some of the

less well-known results of their work, including a potentially highly significant carving revealed by

modern digital imaging techniques.


material for the study of early medieval Fife and Mike will also be considering how the evidence from

Wemyss and elsewhere might fit into a wider understanding of “Pictishness” in Fife.


Mike Arrowsmith has been Chair of Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society (SWACS) since 2016 and

developed the 4D Wemyss Caves website which provides interactive exploration of models of the

caves. He works part-time as a Computer Officer for St Andrews University, operates an independent

digital heritage company, serves on the committee of St Andrews Archaeological Society and is a

member of the Pictish Arts Society.
















Picts in the North:


The Conan Stone in Context virual conference will take place on 13 and 14 March 2021.

This is a joint conference with SSNS, PAS and NOSAS.

More details and booking form on the SSNS website: